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Trademark Registration

To protect a trademark within the territory of the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”), the trademark must be registered in the BVI under the Trade Marks Act or The Registration of United Kingdom Trade Marks Act.

Abacus in its capacity as trademark agent can assist with registering, renewing, removing and restoring trademarks on or to the BVI trade mark register.

Registering a Trademark:

In order to proceed with the registration of a trade mark, a statement of application, declaration and authorization should be prepared by the owner of the mark.  All documents should be duly legalized by a Notary Public.

Furthermore, the application must be accompanied by the prescribed number of representations of the trade mark, which should state the particular goods or classes of goods in connection with the applicant desires for the trade mark to be registered.   An electrotype of the trade mark should also be provided.  The electrotype of the trade mark can be obtained from the Registrar of Trademarks provided that prints of the mark are provided to the Registrar.

Every application for registration must be advertised by the Registrar.  Any person may within one month, or such further time, not exceeding three months, from the advertisement of the application in the Official Gazette, give notice to the Trade Mark Office of opposition to the registration.

The Registrar may refuse to register a trade mark, but such refusal is subject to appeal to the court, (the Supreme Court).


The registration of a trade mark in the BVI lasts up to fourteen years and is renewable by the proprietor of the trade mark upon payment of the prescribed fee. Applications for the renewal should be effected prior to the expiration of the trade mark.


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Last Revised: 10/20/2006

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